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Some results:

  • People who smoke cigarettes are 15-30x more likely to get lung cancer.
  • "The quantity of prions in the brain of a patient who died of Alzheimer's at 40 were on average 32 times higher than in a patient who died at 90."
  • Child sexual abuse goes up 20x in step cohabiting family.
  • Motorcyle riders have a 30x risk of death in a crash compared to people driving other vehicles.
  • A number of people (about a quarter of CNN viewers) believe the number of unarmed black suspects shot by cops is 10x higher than it is.
  • Professors are 12-25 times more likely to have a parent with a PhD than the general population.
  • Ants occupy similar biomass to humans and consume 10x the amount of food as humans, compared to their body weight.
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Imagine if this list got infinitely longer. Imagine using it to cut through the noise of the information onslaught we're used to. This is why the website exists.

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I want results that are so significant they’re hard to believe, rather than just significant enough to be believable.

Peter Thiel says "Brilliant thinking is rare, but courage is in even shorter supply than genius." Some findings might be difficult to accept. This was the case for the smoking studies.

What counts

  • Surprising: I'm sure your chance of getting hit by a car goes up 10x if you stand in the middle of the road wearing all black at night compared to staying home. Valuable discoveries are unintuitive or surprising.
  • Relevant: Before getting a driver's license in the US, you need to learn how to coexist with motorcyclists (though they make up only a small minority of motorists). If you want to submit a finding about a niche group, be prepared to explain how they affect the average person.

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